About us

Solkini is a proudly Australian owned swimwear label with a strong focus on being handmade. We pay attention-to-detail and ensure all of our bikini's are of great quality. 
No matter how unique your silhouette may be - Solkini offers a range of different styles to which you can find your perfect fit. We have our Brazilian cut, Cheeky design and Full coverage.
We want you to fall in love with your Solkini's! 
Jessica Solange
Jessica Solange is the founder & designer behind Solkini. Jess has a huge passion for swimwear and design and strives to keep the brand proudly handmade in Melbourne, Australia. 
"Thank you for choosing Solkini, I can't wait to see how amazing you all look in your new summer bikinis! I hope you love & adore them as much as I do. Thank you for your support!
Love always."
- Jess.
Behind the label
As mentioned, Solkini swim, as well as packaging is handmade in Melbourne, Australia - Focusing on making all our swimwear in the most ethical manner. All materials are sourced locally within Australia and safely tested to ensure they can be worn in any circumstance comfortably. Jess has designed Solkini for you to feel beautiful & confident all summer long! Our quality fabric along with your fit-of-choice will be your new summer favourite.